Women’s haircut

Why does getting a haircut feel so good?


There is no question about it. Who doesn’t love the feeling after a great haircut? It’s just hair right? Wrong! According to most women, a haircut is very important to looking and feeling like a million bucks. It is a very personal experience that is high up there on the list of self care that women often get.  It can be a big deal what you choose to do with your cut. Going from long to short can be huge liberator, physically and mentally. While others would cry at the thought of cutting more than an inch.  Because of how personal a haircut can be, you need to know exactly what you want and how to ask for it.  A strong consultation, the right hair stylist and a great salon are all important factors when considering a new do. We spoke with top stylists and our beauty insiders about everything hair. Here is what we found.

Ideally, your perfect haircut will be reflective of your face shape and lifestyle. Factors of a good cut are: how hard is the style to recreate at home, do you need to use product, does it grow out well and is it a good cut for the type of hair you have.  For example, you may love your cut after leaving the salon, but after the first shampoo, a great cut will look great even out of the salon. Stylists have top shelf products, two skilled hands and tools to make haircuts look great. The best haircuts will look great outside the salon too.  Stylists should determine what is feasible for a client to manage at home. One question Shannon Smith of Zoe Jane Salon always asks clients is “What is your routine at home? Are you a wash and wear kind of gal or are you willing to use products and some sort of heat styling like a blow dryer or curling iron?” The answers to these questions plays a big role in what kind of haircut she does on a client.  The second part is having clients show their stylist a picture of what they are hoping for. Description of styles can mean very different things to the same people.  In such an aestetic industry, the combination of words and pictures can really help the stylist and client understand exactly what haircut is desired and how to achieve it. Beyond the tangible aspects, there is also a feel of the haircut. If a client chooses very glamorous styled photos, that can indicate how they client wants their new cut to convey.

There are so many salons and stylists to choose from. Not to mention techniques and methods, sometimes to achieve similar results. It is crucially important to do your homework before booking an appointment.  Many clients say they do their online research before booking. This includes looking at instagram photos of past clients, asking friends for recommendations, looking at google and yelp reviews and checking out the salons personal website.  Even within a salon, each stylist may have a niche.  Some specialize in dry cutting, curly hair or thick textured hair. 

All though you may be excited to be in the seat and ready for a haircut, remember to stay open minded and honest when you discuss options with your hairdresser.  As mentioned earlier, your daily routine and willingness to put in work at home are huge factors on what style would suit you.  As you can see, every person and every head of hair truly is a unique cut with unique needs and outcomes. 

If you follow this advice, you can find a great stylist who can give an amazing haircut.  Trust us, it is worth it!


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Pixie Cut


Pixie cut – 

Textured Short


Short Textured Bob – Fun playful and lots of texture. 

Textured Bob


Blunt bob with some texture

Blunt Medium


Blunt Medium Length

Medium Layered


Medium soft blended layers

Long Layered


Long layers with bangs and texture