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Everything you need to know about hair color in 2023


Did you know around 80% of women have some sort of color in their hair? That is huge. After two years of Covid, shutdowns, and social distancing….Salons are busier than ever and clients are excited about all things color. Highlights, Balayage, Ombre and Platinum hair and just some of the many trends that are popular now.  Women are excited to be back in the chair wether it be low or high maintenance hair color. 

TikTok viral videos and celebrity hair are still big factors in the current trends. And these styles do require trips to the salon often. But that is what it takes to keep fabulous on point hair.  It is SO worth it.  From Hollywood blondes to vibrant reds, 2023 has a wide variety of trends to fit everyones needs and styles. Check out the range of natural to bright below and all the in between.


country copper

Copper hair is a trend spilling over from 2022. For a good reason. This beautiful shade is right in between a brunette and a blonde.  Your stylist can customize it to make it a perfect shiny caramel shade that is inspired by the hues of a rich leather.  Hence the western country theme.  This particular tone is great for those scared of brassy, orange tones. Country Copper is a fun, rich wonderfully playful color that is here to stay and predicted to be one of the most popular trends this year.

One reason this is so popular is that it can be achieved rather easily with an all over color, not bleach.  So less damage and healthier hair. Clients with light enough hair can even use a demi permanent color to try it out without committing to a fully permanent look.

Hollywood Highlighted Curls

For those clients with curly hair, the biggest trend is highlights. Most importantly, the hair must be highlighted correctly without over processing so it doesn’t look and feel dry and frizzy. Curly hair is typically is prone to these features and it is important to avoid enhancing that. Hand painted highlights on curly hair is a go to for many stylists that specialize in curls. That way you can pick and choose which strands to really brighten without damage.  

Ask your stylist about balayage vs traditional highlights.  Balayage can offer those bigger colored sections that won’t disappear when the hair is dry. The tiny weaves in foils can leave a curly hair client disappointed and still desiring that POP that a skilled stylist who really knows how to do balayage can achieve.

Chocolate cherry

A majority of the people in the world (around 75%)  have dark hair. Adding a slight hint of some color is the new trend and a great way to add a subtle but fun change to your hair, especially if it is dark. Sometimes big changes can be overwhelming. Especially bold color changes.  So by adding a fun redish tint, or a warm purple hue to your naturally dark hair, you can avoid the commitment but enjoy the fashionable change.  Will you still have roots when your hair grows? Yes, but way less noticeable.
Don’t be tempted to do this at home even if you think it is subtle. It is important to visit a professional to make sure you get exactly what you want and that it looks healthy fabulous.

Blonde Buttercream

Lets be honest, Blonde has always been in fashion.  But this year, get ready for a focus on rich golden hues of blonde. Think butter cream.  One way to achieve this is both a brightened base and highlights. The combination of these two make a creamy, soft and golden blonde. Picture Paris Hilton blonde. This look however is high maintenance.   Be ready to schedule regular visits to your salon to keep the blonde fresh and your roots gone.

What makes this so popular is it really suits a wide variety of skin shades. Unlike an ashy purple tone, which is popular but not for everyone.

California highlights

Some say California Highlights is also the inspiration for classic balayage.  Picture surf girls with sun kissed, natural roots with bright ends and seamless transitions.  This was huge in the 2000’s and is surely back as celebrity and influencers rock this color technique often.  Some call it lived in color, others call it beachy.  What appears to be laid back is often the result of a lengthy skilled highlighting session. If you have darker hair this look can still be achieved with foils.  Otherwise hand painted balayage can also work if your starting base is light enough. The true skills really lies in the toner.  Beach hair really means a few different tones as you go from roots to ends. The contrast of the darker root to the bright ends is what really makes this look pop. A great stylist will explain that even though the appointment is lengthy and involved, the grow out is very low maintenance and the results are gorgeous.

Winter gold

There are two models in particular that come to mind with this color. Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner.  And many stylist’s clients have followed suit.  The key to this color is to get that golden tone without orange or red undertones. Some stylists describe it as a muted golden warm tone.  Or on lighter haired clients, a dusty gold tone.  Or Bronde is also a good name for it…not quite blonde but not quite brown. 

What a great way to have beautiful on trend hair without straying much lighter or darker than your natural shade.

Honey beige

For those who tend to stay away from the golden tones, a honey beige still keeps your hair warm but definitely has the undertone of cooler tones. Think of Taylor Swift the past few years. This color looks very natural in the blonde family and has a more fall season cooler look and feel to it.  Cozy sweaters and a cup of tea come to mind.
Like with any cooler tone, stylists need to make sure the hair is highlighted bright enough to remove any strong warmth and then finish with a perfect honey beige toner


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