Men’s haircut

We asked our salon partners about mens haircuts and here is the breakdown.  Out of all the grooming options, the haircut is the most popular and dominates the budget men spend on beauty.


About 40% of men reported that they went to typical babershops while 32% said they went to salons.  

Price: The average mens cuts is running about $42 in large cities, and $22 in more urban areas.  this included tips. There are swings of course in the average depending on which city you are talking about. 

Time Period: Pretty consistently, we found that a little over half, 55% of men usually get their hair cut on average every 4 weeks.  African American men and men 18-28 were even sooner with the average being 3 weeks. 

Quality: What is the most important part of a good haircut?The service providers said that the skill behind a great blend between transition areas is the most important. While clients said flattering shape, correct length and listening their requests was the most important for them.

Most men stated they relied on the barber/stylist to give them advice on what would look the best. 

Somewhat surprising, is that men don’t claim to seek celebrity influence when choosing a haircut. But if a famous person is chosen it is usually a photo of  Brad Pitt or George Clooney for reference.

Mens Hair Color

Compared to 80% of women who have color, less than 20% of mens choose any color services. And even when they do, they aren’t exactly regulars who keep it up often.  The most popular color service is grey blending.

Experience is Everything

One part of the study was the most important part of the overall experience.

Men seem to be quite practical when choosing a salon or barbershop. The top factors were cost, convenience and location to their work or home, and how quickly they could be done. Of course quality mattered too but it wasn’t top 3 answers. But interesting enough, customer service and perks at a salon were not highly rated but the quality of the cut in comparison was. Men would rather get a great cut without the fluff or fancy add ons found at some salons.

Is a haircut social for men? Yes it is. About half of men say they like to have some conversation during their cut. Many reported they enjoyed the social interaction even it if was just fun chit chat.

Who do men prefer as their service provider. According to our research 29% prefer a male barber/stylist and 30% preferred a female. And the remaining 41% did not have a preference.

When stylists were asked about the rebooking rate of men, it was quite high. Almost 70% of clients will put their next appointment on the books as they check out.


Return Rate:

Loyalty is high amongst our polling.

Almost 73% of male clients say the go to the same spot. On average, 6 years is how long men have been loyal to the same barber/stylist.

If a male client is unhappy with his haircut or wants to give feedback, our finding showed that about 65% of men would speak up directly to the provider at the time of the appointment or next time they saw them. 

Slice of The Beauty Market

Clearly men can be an important part of a business for barber shops and salons.  More than half of businesses revealed however that they do not directly market to me. All though marketing can help.

Although professionals believe that social media is the most likely media to attract a man’s attention, with email, television and texting also important, our male client respondents actually rank social media pretty low as an attention-getter—behind television, magazines, newspapers, email, direct mail and radio.

When it comes to social media, 79% of our professionals say their salon/barbershop has a branded Facebook, 59% have a website and 34% have Instagram. Of the social media choices, professionals believe Facebook is the most popular social media site visited by male clients.

On the other hand, of the male guests we surveyed, two-thirds don’t believe it’s important for their salon/barbershop to have a social media presence and almost 60% of male clients had no idea what type of online or social media presence their salon/barbershop did have.


How does retail factor into the male equation? Do men buy retail product, and do they want to buy it in the salon/barbershop environment?

According to professionals, more than half of their male guests use styling products on their hair, and an average of 40% of male clients purchase styling products or retail at their salon/barbershop. Sixty-eight percent of stylists/barbers believe they have a “great deal” or “quite a bit” of influence on what haircare men purchase, and almost 100% say they  are comfortable in suggesting products to men.

Almost two-thirds of the male clients surveyed said they use haircare products made especially for men, and 43% of men say they use a styling product “always” or “most of the time.” Of the men surveyed, two-thirds say they seldom or never purchase haircare or styling products at their salon/barbershop. And 53% of male clients surveyed report that their stylists/barbers have little or no influence on their product purchasing decision. Despite this fact, a third of men indicate that would be likely to purchase haircare products at the recommendation of their stylist/barber.




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