Austin is a funky fun college city that attracts people from all over the country. Austin is proud of its Texas roots but always striving to keep things “weird” compared to its neighboring cities. There are many budget quick options that cater to the young population but you can also find classic, unique and fancy salons and spas to quench your need for beauty. 

Austin has seen a tremendous growth recently as many people and businesses have decided to call Austin their headquarters.  The beauty industry in Austin has a lot of new choices and great options for visitors and locals.  

Traditionally, it has been the east and west coasts that had the largest beauty markets, but with lower costs of doing business and remote work, many companies have decided to call Austin home. On example is Apple. They are currently building its campus which will add 15,000 employees. Lower costs for businesses means more affordable prices for consumer. The same beauty services such as haircuts, color and massages are definitely more affordable than if you were in L.A. or New York. And you can get some great BBQ at the same time.

The growing start-up environment Austin has to offer and will have a positive effect across all industries including beauty. We are excited to see lots of new start-ups that have more resources to use while they grow and really hone in on their product and services.

The innovation in Austin is exciting and the high quality offerings in the beauty world are abundant and growing. South Congress is an example of the vibrant retail shopping, dining and services scene.  Here you can find top salons, spas and fashion all alongside each other with high foot traffic on most busy evenings. 

Enjoy the city’s thriving beauty industry, celebrate your uniqueness, and let the city’s skilled stylists take your look to the next level. Explore the wonder of Austin’s thriving beauty industry and enter a world of invention, originality, and individual expression. 

Top Salons in Austin

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