Get a men’s haircut in SF in record-breaking time

Do you need a quick touch-up before a date, interview, or important upcoming event, but everything is booked at your regular barbershop? We’ve all been there.

Are their services so overpriced that you’d rather avoid this across-the-street location and walk a few blocks to get your basic maintenance cut? That’s understandable.

Have you ventured online to find your perfect place for the best men’s haircuts in San Francisco but are tired of browsing? Luckily, there’s a better alternative to Googling or Yelping your way around. 

Salon Tonight is a convenient tool for narrowing down your search for barbershops in San Francisco. Our service is much more than just a list of all the men’s hair salons you’d still have to waste time on when checking availability and pricing. When you hit that “Find Salons Tonight” button and set your criteria to “Today” or “Tomorrow,” we filter out the options for you according to availability on the day you need your cut. For each result on this list, you will see the time when you can book an appointment and the price of the service you’re looking for. 



Best barbershops in San Francisco at your fingertips

Whether you are new to the city or just in a hurry, Salon Tonight saves you time by aligning the top-ranking hair and beard care services with your budget and specific hours in your schedule. That’s no easy feat. But when you can’t wait for your men’s haircut in San Francisco, our service is the most efficient helper to get it at the time and price that suit you. 


A smarter alternative to standard searching options, Salon Tonight tailors the results to your exact needs. That’s how we know you’ll end up at a barbershop that will take care of your hair or beard without forcing you to re-plan your day for an appointment.

Looking for a stylish cut in a friendly environment?

While men tend to make the most loyal customers and go to the same spot for years, the cost of men’s haircuts in San Francisco is one of their key selection criteria. Other top factors include:

  • Location
  • Convenience
  • Communication

In the area that looks like a pretentious strip of men’s hair salons in San Francisco, many customers prefer going to a barbershop for a more comfortable and relaxed environment. Providing an enjoyable social experience along with reasonable prices, SF barbershops may also offer discounts for additional services. So, the next time you’re there, consider ordering extras with your haircut, such as sprucing up your facial hair.

Book your next appointment with Salon Tonight

Whether you need a basic haircut or more complex styling, there are many affordable options in the city. Say goodbye to pointless browsing when you could be already on your way to getting your regular trim or a new hairstyle. Simplify your pursuit for a professional men’s haircut in SF, no matter how traditional or trendy you want it to be

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