Hands Down – The Best Places to Get your Nails Done In San Francisco

We asked our beauty editors and local girls in San Francisco to tell us the best nail salons in San Francisco. Turns out, there are hundreds of choices in this small city.  We considered price, location, and skills to make sure we found the top of the top.  Looking for a gel mani and pedi? We got you covered.  Looking for acrylic or dip nails with design? No problem. San Francisco has it all.  We discovered that there is a wide range of quality, price and popularity between the nail salons. What we did find is that with many great salons, the Top 10 salons excelled in every category.  Get ready for your next date, self care or just looking for fun nails?  Find and book your next nail appointment with Salon Tonight!

Find your new fave spot for the best Mani and Pedi in San Francisco

Hunting around looking for an available appointment? Ever walked into a nail salon and sat for an hour waiting your turn? We make finding your next appointment easy.  We have the most up to date current availability right here. Looking for a last minute appointment today? Or tomorrow? We make it easy. Search and book with just a few clicks.

Why us?

No one offers as many salons in one easy place.  Ever called around to 5, 10 or 20 different salons? What a wast of time! Now with a few simple clicks, you can see the location, reviews and price of available appointments. San Francisco is a small city but it can take 45 mins to get to a different neighborhood.  Search quickly in your area to make your next appointment convenient and easy to book

  • Instantly book from hundreds of salons near you
  • Read actual reviews from clients to compare different options
  • Find the closest appoitment to save yourself time

Change the way you book beauty appointments with Salon Tonight

Cities are demanding and fast paced. Scheduling all your errands and appointments can be overwhelming.  We make finding the right time, location and service amazingly fast and easy. A lot of time, you realize you needed your nails done yesterday.  We have amazing salons, and amazing deals on last minute appointments for all your beauty needs.  

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